The Team

Our Mission

Benthos Bali Dive Resort aims to provide an eco-friendly Dive Resort holiday with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere that does not compromise on high quality standards of comfort. We intend to co-create your dream dive holiday – let us take care of your every request, no matter how big or small!
We take care of all your holiday needs, be it diving or non-diving, with an added range of leisure activities such as land-based excursions, trekking, river rafting, horseback riding and many more. Our attentive service team is happy to look into every detail, to guarantee an unforgettable, treasured memory in the paradise of Bali, Indonesia.


Come as a visitor, leave as a friend…

We regularly host barbecues and social events, which highlights our fun loving nature and personalized service. We enjoy getting to know our guests after an exciting day of diving. Come join us for a cold drink and some island style BBQ at sunset!

Maciej Perepeczo - Founder

Stories of distant lands and wild adventures fed my imagination throughout my childhood. My Alpine father passionately shared experiences with me as I grew up, and the increasing need to explore new ground led me to graduate in Hotel & Tourism Management (2012) while studying foreign languages. My passion for the mountains were gradually overtaken by the wonders of the underwater world since my first diving adventure in Costa Brava, Spain, in 2006. I knew immediately that diving would be a long-term engagement – what started out as a hobby quickly became passion, and then a loved profession.


The first 3 years of my diving career, I have worked as a Dive Master (DM) and Instructor around various European locations. While based in the island of El Hierro, I managed the El Submarino dive center. It was on this island that Antonio and I met with the shared dream of operating a dive center in Asia. It didn’t take long for us to move to Bali and make it happen. It’s been 8 years of continuous growth in the Indonesian diving world, it’s safe to say that dreams do come true!


Along with my management team, we ensure your diving holidays are well-organized, smooth and as happy as can be. As a PADI Instructor, I teach the range of OWD until DM courses, communicating with Polish and English-speaking guests and divers.

Antonio Martinez Garcia - Founder

In Spring 2003, I started diving in my hometown, the heavenly Cabo de Palos in Murcia, Spain. It took only a few courses for me to decide to follow my passion as a career and be a professional, leading me to work in the dive centers Antipodes (La Azohia) and Cota Cero (Spain). In 2006, my wife Vanessa and I made the life-changing choice to move to the small, peaceful fishing village of La Restinga, located in El Hierro – the smallest of the Canary Islands. It was here that our first dive center – Benthos Buceo El Hierro – was built.


In 5 years, we trained hundreds of divers and dived with thousands. On our path to expand our world of adventure and discovery, we decided to move to the paradise island of Bali. Here, we created Benthos Bali – the dive center of our dreams, along with my business partner Maciej.


As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, I conduct courses in all levels, specializing in Nitrox, Deep Dive, Wrecks, and Drift Diving. My favorite configuration is the side mount, and as a Technical Diving Instructor, I teach PADI Tec Rec 50 – Gas Blending. I currently manage the Ocean Rover Liveaboard operations, a sister company we had created 2 years ago.

Anastasia Uvick - General Manager

Born and raised in capital city Jakarta, Ana has gain her higher education, graduating in sales & marketing. She has worked for couple of years in marketing with the biggest media agency in Jakarta. She made her carrier and gained valuable experience in customer relations and management. Moved to Bali, seeking a more relaxed life that would connected her with nature and allow her to pursue her love with scuba diving. She has found it all in Benthos Bali Dive Resort, since last year she holds a GM position, running our operations, and leading our team to excellence in customer relations and dive services.


Our second in-house driver, Putu as it is his formal name oversees our in-house car maintenance ensuring cars are in their best condition. Bendot is also trained to work with high pressure compressor and gas blending. At dive sites, he assists our dive masters in setting up equipment and packing it on the truck. Always helpful and smiling.


Front Office Manager Elsa began her career studying administration in Jakarta and moved to Bali to seek a more comfortable and quite life. Her attention to detail and administrative skills allows for our Dive Resort operations to run smoothly. Elsa is on her way to become a diver, in love of animals, especially dogs.


As our in-house driver, Gede is in charge of airport pickups and daily transfers between the Resort and dive areas. At dive sites, he assists our dive masters in setting up equipment and packing it on the truck. Your safety, along with your equipment’s safety, is his top priority. Gede’s constant positive energy and bright smiles is well-respected among our Indonesian team, and he is also responsible for the spiritual upkeep of our facilities – performing daily and special Balinese ceremonies.


As an all-important equipment care-taker, the helpful and friendly Komang is responsible for cleaning, packing, and ensuring all we need is in place and ready for use the next day. Tanks are also his responsibility, and he is trained in Nitrox blending. Komag also provides general assistance around the dive center.

Muji - Dive Master

Medan-born Muji worked in a Dive Resort construction project in Pulau Weh (North of Sumatra), where he dived for the first time and transformed his life. Upon completion of the construction, the Dive Resort owner appreciated Muji for his energy and work, offering him a position as a Dive Boatman for 3 years. It was during this work stint that he studied to become a Dive Guide, working an additional 4 years in Pulau Weh. Muji is now an asset to our Benthos Bali Dive team – living his life in Bali as a dream turned reality. Specializing in Nitrox, Muji is also known as ‘Eagle Eye’ for his penchant of spotting very small creatures – with his favorite being the nudibranch.

Pablo - Dive Manager & Dive Instructor

Since I was little I grow with the idea to be underwater and explore this amazing world. From 2009 I start my carrier as a commercial diver in Malaga my hometown in Spain, travelling around few different countries and getting experience as a diver. On 2011 I became Master Scuba Dive Training. Diving and teaching, the 2 biggest passion on my life. I have been working in Spain, Thailand, and Maldives, from small dive shop until 5 starts hotel international brands.


At Benthos Bali I am responsible for the dive centre organization, staff, and customer relations. Applying my local and international experience in diving I do my best to have your dive holidays planned and executed at its best. I am also teaching PADI scuba diving courses on all levels, both in Spanish and English.  In between I still manage to find time to do my favorite part of work which is -  guiding certified divers.


After all this years I fell in love with Asia and I got my family in here, Bali. Now I’m living my dream in a paradise.

Vanessa Rodriguez - Co-Founder

Being born with a fisherman father and raised in a small fishing village on the Atlantic Coast of Spain, I have an innately strong connection with the ocean. I began my swimming training when I was 6 years old, and 5 years later at 11 years of age, I completed my first diving course. In 2001, I did my Dive Master course and simultaneously started working part-time as an underwater guide.


2 years later, I moved to the south of Spain to work as a full-time instructor. At the same dive center, I met a co-worker who then became my husband, Antonio. We established our first dive center together six years ago at El Hierro, and experienced 5 wonderful years of service to divers and exploration of the sea. Upon moving to Bali, I progressed further in my biggest passion – underwater photography.


As a PADI Staff Instructor, I teach on all levels up to Assistant Instructor and specialize in underwater photography.