Amuk Bay is offering us one of the best dives in Bali and all of them are just minutes away.

Gili Biaha

It’s the furthest to the east and the least dived island of the Amuk Bay. Lays just in front of the charming White Sand Beach. Gili Biaha has two very good dive sites: Shark Cave and Biaha Slope. Although its rarely possible to cover both areas on the same dive due to prevailing strong currents that can sometimes form down currents at the islands corners.


The highlight of the dive is a very interesting cave with its entrance only in 9 meters depth. Here we can observe resident white tip sharks, lobsters, crabs and aquatic life that prefers darkness. This dive is only for experienced divers, we plan it with extra care taking into consideration swells, tide and currents.


This is the biggest of the three islands that we regularly dive and is reached in less than 5 min by our 8 meters fibre glass traditionally looking jukung. Here we can enjoy two different dive sites that are mostly reserved for advanced divers.

The Canyon

Surely this is the most exciting dive in Amuk Bay. Starting in the southerly western tip of the island doesn’t offer a great area to explore. But Canyon is not a place where you will be able to freely wonder around. Its reputation was built on its fierce currents that can be very demanding. Seeing of great number of pelagics , including sharks , jacks , tunas , mola- molas and schools of sweet lips , bat fish , snappers , rainbow runners are very common. It’s underwater topography consisting mainly of black basaltic rocks, boulders and walls remind us places in the north Atlantic. Because of existing strong currents coral growth is scarce and there is only one gorgonia growing. Visibility can be very good but water temperature drops in dry season to as low as 20 degrees in the deeper parts.


Definitely this is a dive that we carefully plan and only commence in perfect condition. Recommended only for advanced divers, we are sure it will be the one, you won’t forget for a long time


The Swim Through

Along the more protected eastern side of the island grows a healthy reef that gradually drops to more than 60 meters. Here we can find many hard corals forming bomnies with large gorgonias. Fish life here is very good with schooling sweet lips, bat fish, fusiliers, jacks, cuttle fish and turtles. Large table corals give shelter to baby sharks. Depending on currents we either head north or south. At the southern tip of the island at 16 meters we encounter an opening to a tunnel that has its exit in the southern wall in 28 meters of depth. Here we often find resting turtles and sometimes white tip sharks. In right season this is the place to observe Mola Mola.

On the northern end of the island big boulders have formed kind of a canyon that some divers confuse with the real one, nonetheless it is a very interesting place where we can find lots of life.


Is a small archipelago of four big rocks and few smaller ones just a few minutes away from Candidasa.  For many considered a best dive site of Bali. We usually start the dive at the north side of the middle rock dropping strait to around 18 meters. Here we encounter the sloping reef of Mimpang. Full of hard and soft corals with many bomnies and teaming with fish life. Usual current will carry as along that reef to the west.


On the way we have big chances to spot white and black tip sharks, schools of jack, sweet lips and many more. The shallow part of the reef in southern side of the islands is just magical. With great variety of fish, turtles, crustaceans and hard coral bomnies, gorgonias and large barrel sponges. This dive site usually has a very good visibility and in the season we have a chance to spot Mola Molas. As any dive site in the Amuk Bay this one also has frequent currents that make it accessible only for advanced divers.