Full Day excursion - Ubud region

We start our Ubud region trip at 8:30 by picking you up from the hotel.

Excursion lasts around 8 hours, but all depends of the traffic.

The program of this trip is planned to minimize the driving distances, and let you admire the beautiful scenery. Price includes all the entrance fees, taxes, buffet lunch with the view to Batur Lake. 

We provide air-conditioned mini bus with English speaking driver and guide.

Points of interest:

  • Villages of different craftsmanship, batik, silver and wood
  • Seekan Village – coffee Luwak plantation and spices
  • Batur and Kintamani – view to the volcano lake and the volcano
  • Gunnung Kawi Temple
  • Tegallalang – spectacular rice fields

Craftsmen villages

At the beginning of the 14th century, a resolution made by the ruling king of Bali has changed the way villages and its inhabitants used to live and work. By his order specialized centers/villages producing sculptures in wood, stone, gold, silver, and Batik fabric were created. Every village had to specialize in one type of craft, and could not compete. To this day these villages cultivate ancient traditions and are proud of great specialists in their fields. During our trip, we will visit some of this villages through a guided tour and we will be able to buy some souvenirs directly from the artists.


In the north-east region of Bali, deep in its interior majestically emerges Gunnung Batur crater. It is 1717 meters high, 11 km in diameter and has a depth of 180 meters. The volcano is still active, its last activity was registered in 1994. In 1917 as a result of a violent outbreak more than 1000 people lost their lives, around 65 thousand households and 2500 temples where destructed. The lava flow has totally covered a village lying just at the foot of the volcano but miraculously has stopped just in front of its temple. Villagers took it as a good omen and have rebuild the village in the same place. Eight years later another massive eruption has completely ruined the village, sparing just one building, the sanctuary dedicated to a goddess of the neighboring lake.

Sekaan Village

The village is situated at a stunning location, where coffee, tea, salak fruit and numerous oriental Balinese spices are grown. Visiting this village, we will have a chance to look at the methods of cultivation and taste the most expensive and rarest of coffee – Coffee Luwak.


Not far away from the Town of Ubud we encounter some of the most magnificent race terraces in Bali. Between the ever-green rice fields carved out of the hills, winds majestically the river valley.

Pura Gnnung Kawi

Gunung Kawi is a complex of temples clustered around the royal tombs carved into the stone cliffs in the 11th century. It is surrounded by scenic rice terraces about 30 minutes from Ubud. Access to the temple is a bit challenging and consists of more than 300 steps.