East Bali

Where volcanic beaches & swaying palms dot the coast

White sand beaches, hidden paradise-like coves, a relaxed sea-side ambience, quaint pockets of fishing villages, deliciously fresh seafood straight off the boats – the East Bali villages of Candidasa and Padang Bai offers plentiful options for peaceful affinity and a genuine Balinese experience.

Away from the chaotic tourist-traps and maddening crowds of Kuta & South Bali, these lovely towns are easily accessible by road only 1.5 hours away from Denpasar and South Bali. Candidasa and Padangbai has long been a popular destination for diving activities in Bali, but yet the towns have barely a trace of modernity – you will be amidst like-minded, active individuals and families seeking an authentic Bali experience.


Scuba diving and snorkeling activities here are extraordinary, as Bali’s location in the Coral Triangle hosts some of the most bio-diverse marine life in the world. Each dive site is stunning, distinct and significantly unforgettable. This, coupled with the richness of Balinese culture, arts, dining and shopping, makes Bali consistently one of the most popular vacation islands in the world.


Bali is renowned for its spectacularly sophisticated diversity of art forms – dance, painting, sculpture, woodcarving, crafting and performing arts. Most of the population of Bali adheres to Balinese Hinduism – a unique composite blend of Hindu god worship alongside the sacred mythology, theology and philosophy of Buddhism. Fascinating ritualistic practices and prayers fill everyday traditional Balinese life, and the abundance of ancient temples make Bali known as the ‘Island of the Gods’.


With Candidasa and Padangbai’s close proximity to some of the oldest temples on the island, and certainly home to some of the island’s most beautiful beaches, there are multiple reasons why smart travelers choose the tranquil East Bali as the location for their stay. If you’re ready to be impressed by the Balinese way of life – where inexpensive luxuries exist alongside phenomenal ocean views – book a visit to  East Bali now.



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